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  • Banded Body weight Exercises

    Wanting a killer workout that you can do any time or where? Discover our top 5 favourite body weight exercises that will get your heart rate up and booty burning!  Repeat these five exercises for 40 seconds each and then repeat three times for a killer workout! Lunges Stand tall with feet hip-w...
  • Banded Weighted Exercises

    Feel the burn by adding a resistance band in with your weights! We've listed our top 5 exercises you can do with a resistance band and weights. Dumbell Lunges Place resistance band around your lower thighs. Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Take a big step forward with your right l...
  • Top 5 Glute Activation Exercises

    When it comes to leg day it’s essential that your glutes are properly warmed up before lifting any weights. Glute activation allows you to do this, by picking a handful of exercises and performing them back to back. We recommend using a fabric resistance band when performing these exercises as it...

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