Frequently Asked Questions

ApeFit bands have been designed for fitness beginners all the way through to experts. They can be used exclusively by themselves for a killer glute workout, or in combination with weights to add the extra intensity. They are also hugely beneficial to use for glute activation before your leg workouts to target your glutes so they are firing during your workout and other muscles aren't taking over.

There is a huge range of exercises that you can do with ApeFit bands, as they are incredibly versatile! A few exercises include; lateral walks, glute bridges, deadlifts, abductions, hip thrusts, lunges, donkey kicks and even jump squats. Our bands come with a full exercise guide to show you some great exercises you can perform with the bands. For more workout inspiration head to our social media pages! @apefitstore.

We have three strength levels, light medium and heavy. Our light band is incredible for beginners due to the large number of exercises you can do with it. It is perfect for at home workouts and to use in the gym with weights. Our medium strength band is our most popular band. It is perfect for body weight exercises as it will give you that extra bit of resistance to take your workouts to the next level. If you train with weight we recommend using it for glute activation before your workouts, as well as super-setting during your workouts. Our heavy band provides a great amount of resistance to any workout. It is perfect to use for glute activation as well as narrow stance movements, such as deadlifts and hip thrusts. Most of our customers use this band for a selection of exercises they wish to really challenge their glutes, as you will feel the burn after a few reps.

Choosing your band comes down to your strength level and the type of exercises you will be performing. For wide stance movements such as lunges, sumo squats etc, we recommend our light resistance band. For glute activation we recommend our light band for beginners, our medium band for intermediate and our heavy for experts. With weights we recommend our light band so you don't sacrifice your form. If you perform a wide range of exercises we recommend purchasing all three bands. This will allow you to continually get stronger as well as having a variation of resistances so you can use your bands for any exercise.

Not at all! The inner grip strips that we have custom created were designed so that they won't pinch or pull your skin! They allow the band to stay in place whilst being comfortable against your bare skin.

Yes, it is possible to change your delivery address once your order has been submitted, but not once the order has been dispatched. Please send an email to our team on with the new address and we will confirm this with you.

As soon as you order we receive it! So don’t worry. When we package and send out your order we will send you a fulfilment email that will have a tracking number attached. During COVID-19 our couriers are working overtime and therefore there is a slightly longer wait on some deliveries. We appreciate your patience.

All deliveries are handled by our chosen courier service. Therefore we cannot give you a specific answer, however, the following situations can sometimes cause deliveries to take a little longer. 1. Busy courier service depots can sometimes get so busy that parcels at delayed whilst they wait to be scanned and processed. 2. If you are located a long distance from the depot, or you are rural, it can take an extra 1-2 days for items to be delivered. The further you are, the longer it takes by road. 3. International orders can face delays whilst being checked at customs, then passed to different facilities before they make it to your address.

We want all our customers to receive top quality products and apologize sincerely if our products do not reach our usual quality standard. If you think there is a fault with an item you have received, let us know straight away by emailing