The Jet Black Band - Heavy

Strength: Heavy 

Introducing our black fabric resistance band. Offering a high level of resistance that allows you to target your major muscle groups effectively. 

Grab your band and give these a go: 

  • Glutes - glute bridges, donkey kicks, clams
  • Legs - goblet squats, lunges, jumping squats
  • Upper body - tricep extension, shoulder press, bent-over row

    What's included:

    • Premium fabric resistance band made from a custom blend of cotton, polyester, and rubber.
    • Apefit Glute Guide.
    • Carry bag: Waterproof portable carry case to keep your bands in great condition.

    Dimensions: NEW WIDTH

    • 8cm width x 36.5cm length

    Care instructions:
    Remove light marks with a clean, damp cloth or sponge.

    Questions? Check out the FAQ or feel free to get in touch by emailing or messaging via our Instagram page: @Apefitstore

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